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Condos At Carlyle Square Real Estate Secrets

Photo of 520 John Carlyle St #224 Alexandria, Virginia is home to Condos At Carlyle Square. This place at 520 John Carlyle St #224, Alexandria is a perfect example of what we like about Condos At Carlyle Square. 520 John Carlyle St #224 has 1 bedrooms, 1 full baths and 0 half baths. all of homes selling in Condos At Carlyle Square have garages. The average living area in Condos At Carlyle Square is 693 while 520 John Carlyle St #224 has 730 sqft of living space. 520 John Carlyle St #224 is the most expensive condominium listed in Condos At Carlyle Square. Also For Sale At Condos At Carlyle Square
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