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What Should You Expect If You’re Doling Out $549,000?

Photo of 2121 Jamieson Ave #507 Julie Nesbitt is a local Realtor specializing condos in 22314. I like 2121 Jamieson Ave #507. This condo at Carlyle Towers Condominium in 22314 in the City of Alexandria looks like a good value for several reasons. However, Julie is not recommending you buy this property in particular. That's because, until I know your goals there is no way for me to know if this is the right home for you. My goal in this article is to help you organize your needs, so that you can move forward in your real estate search in the City of Alexandria. You have a lot of options in Alexandria even if you're only interested in 22314. To get what you want, you need to know what you want. For example:
  1. Do you like brick condos? Do you prefer brick or siding? What type of siding?
  2. Do public schools matter to you? 2121 Jamieson Ave #507 is served by Jefferson-Houston, and Maury Elementary Schools and .
  3. Is the transportation network important to you? We'd be happy to tell you more about the Metro and transportation options beside Carlyle Towers Condominium.
  4. Do you have specific paint colors? Or, do you want to paint and pick your own colors?
  5. Do you want the most expensive condominium in the section, like 1417 Princess St. or do you prefer the least expensive condo like 907 Princess St.
The agents at Nesbitt Realty love to show you how to organize your priorities and then put our experience to work for you. My goal is to provide excellence in real estate and find the right home for you. What's best for the client is what we want.   Please don't hesitate to contact Nesbitt Realty for assistance. Our real estate professionals look forward to helping you in any way possible. Due to our ability to deliver outcomes that satisfy our clients, Nesbitt Realty has won numerous honors and accolades for customer satisfaction.  

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